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  • Constance K

    After struggling with Achilles pain for years, I could play golf only once or twice a week using a golf cart. I could not walk a 1/2 mile without severe pain. The diagnosis was Haglund’s Syndrome with not enough healthy Achilles to salvage. Repurposing a tendon in my foot I did not need (flexor ha...
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  • Julie M

    After being an avid runner for 25 years, I was hit by a car while running. My right foot was crushed and basically dangling from my ankle. I had several broken bones, a Lisfranc injury, a giant wound and extensive soft tissue damage. Dr. Levine was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate an...
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  • Tracie F

    In late August 2016, I fell when I was running. There was no break or torn ligaments. I was put in a boot and cast off and on for 4 months. Then I started rehab. In September 2017, it was decided by another doctor I needed surgery. Immediately after the surgery my ankle still did not feel right. I w...
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  • Rino R

    As an 8th grade lacrosse player, I was given the opportunity from my high school coach to play high school JV. After a very successful season, I was pulled up to play for the Varsity team during the playoffs. When I walked out onto the Varsity field for the very first time as a rising freshman, I fe...
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  • Stephen C

    During the summer of 2015, I was training really hard as it was going to be a big year for me as far as soccer. After one of my workouts in late June of 2015, I was playing pickup basketball with a few friends where I hurt my right foot badly. The local orthopedist diagnosed it has a bone bruise and...
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  • Les D

    When my shoulder popped in 2011, I feared I would have to limit or eliminate my tennis activity. Dr. Cordasco and his team got me back in the game, repairing my rotor cuff tear and my biceps. They referred me to a great PT resource and I was back in the game in six months.
    When an old ankle i...
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  • Harley A

    On the last day of our vacation in Costa Rica, I was hit by a truck with my girlfriend, Alysha. We both broke our toes, tib-fib, femur, pelvis, sacrum, arm, elbow, ribs, lacerated organs, and she being in front was knocked into a coma. We were separated at the scene, taken to different hospitals, an...
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  • Gavin K

    Dr. Levine and his entire team was amazing. From start to finish, the care was exemplary. They made a hard situation so much more manageable and we are forever grateful for the care. Gavin is back on the field after 4 months doing what he loves!
    Thank you to Dr. Levine and the staff!
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  • Mark B

    In February 2017, I was in a bad skiing accident involving a fall from a significant height, and shattered both of my ankles. I was taken to the local Emergency Room. With a shocked look on her face, the nurse said she had never seen an injury like it. I immediately had a procedure there to put in e...
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  • Lou M

    After sustaining a trimalleolar fracture of my left ankle on July 15,2020, Dr. David S. Levine came highly recommended. After my first appointment, he exceeded all trustworthy expectations. Dr. Levine and his (PA) Lauren Buchwald took the time to answer all my questions.
    A few days later, I h...
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