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  • Maria D

    Dr. Levine was amazing threw out my whole experience. He explained everything very thoroughly to made sure I understood what to expect before and after my surgery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and always do when people ask me about my surgery.
    Kristine Barone
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  • Melissa P

    I can’t say more about Dr. Levine! I came into him not even being able to walk. He truly brought me back to life after fixing mistakes that I had from prior surgeries . He is the best!! Thank you, Dr. Levine
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  • Maria B

    I don’t usually write reviews but had to in this case because it was the reviews of patients that led to my decision to use Dr. Levine for my Ankle tendon transplant. I could not have made a better choice and am very thankful for those reviews. Do not hesitate one bit to use this remarkable surgeo...
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  • Yosef S G

    Dr. David is an incredible doctor. David operated on my left ankle after breaking/dislocating it, so far I am 4 months in and I’m recovering really well.
    His practice has fantastic employees and are very patient!
    They dealt with my insurance (who were very complicated). I would defin...
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  • Denise M

    I had a large osteochondral defect in my ankle joint 8 years ago. I am very active with tennis and paddle and was sure I would never play again. I could only take very small steps and walking was becoming more difficult. Dr. Levine cleaned up the joint. I limped for maybe six months after (built...
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  • Derek L

    Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Patient in explaining every aspect of treatment. Very detailed with diagnosis and appropriately technical in describing injuries from mechanical demonstrations of anatomical models to reading MRI charts. I was surely in good hands
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  • Five C

    I just can't thank Dr. David Levine and his team enough. True professionalism and complete total care is an understatement. Thank you guys for all you do!
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  • Lou M

    ........... GREAT SUCCESS ......!!!!!!!
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  • Francesca C

    Truly fantastic -- skillful, knowledgable, compassionate. Great care, great guy.
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  • Mark W

    Very kind Great doctor. No pain
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